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Finger Exercise No 1 | Piano Jump Start

Rather than thinking of this exercise in terms of the letter names of each note being played it would be more pragmatic to practice by following the finger numbers instead. To start, place your right hand on the keyboard in C position.


Begin by playing your thumb, finger number one, and continue through each consecutive finger one at a time up to your ring finger, finger number 4.

Then repeat that four finger pattern, but this time starting with finger number two and continue up to your pinky, finger number five.


The second half is basically the same as the first half, just played in reverse. Play each consecutive note from finger five down to finger number two. And then from your ring finger, finger four, to your thumb, finger number one.

When playing this exercise with our left hand it will look and sound exactly the same as the right hand. However, the pattern of finger numbers will be different.


Begin by placing your left hand on the keyboard in C position. Start the exercise by playing each note consecutively from finger number up to finger number two.

Go back to finger four and play each consecutive note up to your thumb, finger number one.


Just like the right hand, play the same pattern in reverse. Starting with the thumb, finger number one, play each note straight down to your ring finger, finger number four. Finish by playing each note from finger two down to the pinky, finger number five.

Now because the finger number pattern is different in each hand, when playing this exercise with both hands at the same time it would be easier to think about it in terms of the letter name for each note being played.

Start by placing both hands on the keyboard in C position.


The first note to play in each hand is C with finger number five in the right hand and finger number one in the left. Next we play the note D with finger four in the left hand and finger two in the right. Follow by playing the note E with finger three in each hand. Then the note F with left hand, finger two, and right hand, finger four.

Continue playing the rest of the finger exercise pattern with both hands at the same time. Remember to go slowly and say the letter name of each note out loud as you play.


Finger Exercise No 1 | Practice Video

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