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Heart And Soul | Left Hand | Piano Jump Start

With Heart And Soul, the left hand doesn't just follow along with the C, F, and G chords like we've done with the other songs in this program. Instead, there is something much more melodic and interesting happening in that hand while the right hand plays through what would be the notes of the vocal melody.

Each note in the left hand will be played on a white key and always be two white keys apart from each other.


The first two left hand notes will be C played twice with finger three followed by E twice with finger one.


Move each finger down two keys to the notes A and C. Start by playing the note A two times with finger number three, followed by the note C twice with finger number one.


Repeating this same exact pattern - two notes down, one white key between them - will take us to the notes F and A. Play the note F twice with finger three, followed by A twice with finger one.


Lastly, move each note up just one key each to the notes G and B. Play each note two times.

Remember, we are going to eventually be playing this pattern in the left hand while the right hand plays something completely different so practice this as much as possible before moving on to the right hand.


Here is the entire left hand pattern with the correct fingerings.

Heart And Soul | Right Hand | Piano Jump Start

To play the notes of what would be the vocal melody for Heart And Soul we're going to start with our right hand on the keyboard in A position.


Start the melody by playing the note C three times with finger three.


Next play the note C once more, followed by the notes B with finger 2 and A with finger one. Then follow each finger straight up to the note D with your ring finger, finger four.

In terms of finger numbers, these last six notes would be