Identifying Letter Names | Piano Jump Start

The letter names for each of the remaining natural notes will follow the order of letters within the musical alphabet from left to right on the keyboard.


By following the letters of the musical alphabet we can determine that the letter name of the key directly to the right of C will be the letter after C in the musical alphabet - D. The letter name of the key to the right of D is E. After E is F. After F is G.

Now, we know that the letters of the musical alphabet range from A to G, and that after G we go back to the letter A and then repeat the same seven letter pattern. Therefore, the letter name of the white key to the right of G isn’t H, but A.

After A is B. And after B is C.

Follow this same exact pattern of letters starting from any C on the piano. In fact, by practicing what we have just discussed you will be able to identify the letter name of every natural note found anywhere on your keyboard.

Start by finding the note C and then simply use the musical alphabet to determine the letter names of each remaining key.

Five Finger C Scale

Take your right hand and place your thumb, finger number one, over the note C. Then spread your remaining fingers evenly over the next four keys. Don’t skip any fingers and don’t skip any keys. Play each consecutive finger one-by-one starting with our thumb on the note C and continuing until your pinky on the note G.