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Mary Had A Little Lamb | Piano Jump Start


To play Mary Had A Little Lamb we’re going to start with our right hand on the keyboard in C position.


Now, we can see that the first note to play is the note E. Play this with finger number three. Next is the note D with finger two. Then C with finger one. Back to D again with finger number two.


The last three notes of the first line are three consecutive Es, all played with finger number three.


On the second line we start by playing the note D three times with finger number two.


Finish with the note E played with finger three, followed by G two times with our pinky, finger number five.


The third line is nearly identical to the first line - the bit that we just learned. Start again by playing all of the notes within the first line except now we’ll add a C to the end of that with finger number one.


The last five notes of the song will be D with finger two played twice. Followed by E with finger three. D again with finger two. And finally C with finger number one.

Mary Had A Little Lamb | Practice Video

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