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Dotted Notes EXPLAINED

A dot placed next to a note increases the rhythmic duration of that note by half of its original value. For example, if a whole note sounds for two beats, a dotted whole note would sound for four beats. In this video we will discuss what happens when a dot is placed next to a whole note, a half note, a quarter note, and an eighth note.

Sonata Facile | Piano Tutorial

Learn how to play "Sonata Facile" by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with this easy-to-understand piano tutorial with sheet music.

George Frederic Handel

George Frederic Handel was born on February 23rd, 1685 in Halle, Germany. Unlike most composers of his time, Handel did not inherit his desire to be a musician from his family. In fact, music was strongly discouraged and disapproved of. It is said that he would study music alone at night by candlelight.

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