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Introduction To The Composer | Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21st, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany.
A great master of the Baroque Period, Bach’s contribution to the evolution of music is undeniable.
Easily regarded as one of, if not the most influential composers in music history. This, however, was not exactly the case during his time. In fact, many of Bach’s contemporaries considered his work antiquated and old fashioned and preferred the music of Georg Philipp Telemann.
Even after his death the influence Bach’s compositions had on future musicians, with the exception of Mozart and Beethoven among few others, was limited, until the 19th century when Felix Mendelssohn rediscovered his choral works.
Today, some of his more well-known pieces include the Brandenburg Concertos and the Art of Fugue.
Bach had many children. He had seven children with his first wife, Bach’s second cousin Maria Barbara Bach, and thirteen with his second wife, Anna Magdalena Wilcken. Out of all 20 only four became successful composers; most notably Carl Philipp Emmanuel.
Johann Sebastian Bach died on July 28th, 1750 in Leipzig, Germany at the age of 65.

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