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What Is The Musical Alphabet?

Run time: 5m 19s  |  Release Date: February 2nd, 2018

The musical alphabet is a series of seven letters spanning from the letter A to the letter G. When reading and writing music we use letters to identify different pitches, or notes. In music notation, there is no H, I, J, K, or anything after the letter G. Rather, after G we simply go back to the letter A and start the pattern all over again.


For a clearer reference, let’s take a look at the notes on a piano. This key here is the note A. Remembering that each note follows in alphabetically order, the note after A will be the note B. After the note B comes C. After C follows D, then E, F, and G.


Which letter do you think is found on the next key? Remember, the musical alphabet only goes from the letter A to the letter G. After G we simply go back to the letter A and start all over again.


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The staff is a series of five lines and four spaces which are used as a template for identifying musical notes. The letter names for each line and space on the staff are designated by a symbol placed at the beginning of the staff called a clef. The two most commonly used clefs are a treble clef (also known as a G clef) and a bass clef (also known as an F clef).


In this video we will discuss how to read and write the letter names on the staff with both a treble clef and as bass clef.