Interval Identification | Perfect Eighths And Octaves (8 of 10)

An interval of a Perfect eighth, also known as an octave, is an interval in which two notes of equal letter name are sounded at double, or half, the vibrational frequency of each other.

For example, if a note vibrates at a frequency of approximately 440 hertz, or 440 cycles per second, then an octave above that note will vibrate at a frequency of approximately 880 cycles per second while an octave below that note vibrates at a frequency of about 220 cycles per second.

The amount of steps in between any two pitches which produces an interval of a Perfect eighth is any combination of steps equalling twelve consecutive half steps. Twelve half steps can also be looked at as being five whole steps and two half steps.

Let's use this pattern of steps to find an interval of a perfect eighth above the note C.