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Dan Lupo | Pianist/Presenter

Dan Lupo has published over 15 books on music and music theory through his book publishing company Encore Music Books. He is the owner of A to G School of Music, as well as the founder of Five Minute Mozart - an online video tutorial program which provides music theory education for beginning to intermediate students. With more than two million total views, these video courses have been seen in every country and state and are currently being utilized by music teachers and students all over the world.

Classical Music | Series Description

Classical music is more than just a listening experience - it's also a glimpse into the past. In this series on classical music history we will explore the lives of five of music's most notable composers. We will come to understand how the circumstances of each artist's life played a major role in the development of their music, as we enjoy live performances of select piano pieces.


Each program consists of spoken lecture as well as live piano performance.
Cost for each program is $75 and the run time is approximately 60 minutes.


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See What They Have To Say!

"One of my most favorite presentations! Your live music and biographical details that you shared made it a wonderful privilege and pleasure to attend. Thank you for an outstanding lecture."


"Your passion for music comes across and it was such a pleasure to listen to you play today. Your presentation was superb and I could listen to you talk every day. Many, many thanks for bringing music into our home."


"Incredible teacher - amazing presentation!!  Well done Dan!!"

"Thanks for a wonderful hour! I enjoyed both learning more about Mozart and his history, in addition to getting to hear some fantastic music. Thanks for doing this, and I look forward to your next presentation!"


"Outstanding presentation - Dan was super knowledgeable & an excellent presenter."


"Dan is an incredibly gifted, educated, and talented musician. I am happy that he shared his passion for music with us."

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