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Interval Identification | Intervals of A Seventh (7 of 10)

So far in this video series we have learned how certain intervals have vibrational frequencies which are in greater harmony with each other and are in turn referred to as being Perfect, while other intervals can be either Major or minor depending upon the amount of steps separating each note.

Similar to an interval of a second, an interval of a third, and an interval of a sixth, an interval of a seventh can also be either Major or minor.

Let's start this video by discussing an interval of a minor seventh.

Minor Seventh Intervals

An interval of a minor seventh occurs when two notes are separated by the distance of ten consecutive half steps.

Ten consecutive half steps can also be looked at as being four whole steps and two half steps.

If we followed this pattern of steps above the note A we would discover that an interval of a minor seventh above the note A is the note G.


One whole step above the note A is the note B.


Another whole step above the note D is the note E.


A half step above B is the note C.


A half step above E is the note F.