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Introduction To The Composer | Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler was born on July 7th, 1860 in Kalischt, Bohemia.

At an early age, Mahler displayed a strong musical ability and studied at the Vienna Conservatory and the University of Vienna.

After graduating, Mahler began his successful career as an opera conductor.

He conducted operas for the Royal Opera in Budapest, the Vienna State Opera and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and was labeled one of Opera’s most distinguished music directors.  

Mahler composed his first of ten symphonies in 1892.

He had said, “To write a symphony, for me, is to construct a world”.

Mahler’s Second, Third, Fourth, and Eighth symphonies used  both voices and instruments, similar to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and his work featured richly chromatic harmonies.

In 1907, Mahler was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition and after much scrutiny due to his rigid work ethic, he was forced to resign his post at the Vienna State Opera.

In 1908, he completed his Ninth Symphony and began a tenth. However, it would remain unfinished until after his death when a British scholar named Deryck Cooke completed the piece.

Gustav Mahler passed away in Vienna, Austria due to a heart condition on May 18th, 1911 at 50 years old.

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