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Jingle Bells | Piano Jump Start


Playing Jingle Bells is relatively straightforward. Your hand is going to remain in C position for the duration of the song.


Start with the famous Jingle Bells rhythmic pattern by playing the note E with finger 3 three times, followed by a short pause, and then repeat.


The second line starts with E again, followed by G with finger five. Then the notes C, D, and E with fingers one, two, and three.


Next play the note F four times with finger number four. Then F one more time followed by three consecutive Es all played with finger number three.


Line four contains the notes E, D, D, and E played with fingers three, two, two, and three. Finish the phrase by playing the note D with finger two followed by G with finger number five.

Lines five through seven are identical to what we just played in the first three lines. Repeat the first three lines exactly as they were.


End the melody by playing the note G twice with finger number five, followed by the notes F, D and C with fingers four, two, and one. It would be helpful to think of this as a backwards five finger C scale without the note E.

Jingle Bells | Practice Video

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