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Happy Birthday To You | Piano Jump Start


So far all of the songs in this 5 video series have started with our hand in C position. "Happy Birthday To You" is the only song which will not begin in C position. Rather, we’ll start by placing our right hand on the keyboard in G position.

With your thumb on the first G above middle C, spread your remaining fingers evenly over the next four notes. Don't skip any fingers and don't skip any keys.


Begin by playing the note G twice with our thumb, finger number one, followed by A with finger two and then G again with finger one. Then play the note C with finger four, followed by B with finger three.


Repeat the first four notes of that pattern but this time end it with finger five on the note D followed by finger four on C.


For the third line start again by playing the note G two times with the thumb, finger one. Then move our hand up to C position so that your pinky, finger number 5, reaches the note G one octave above the note you just played. Now with our hand in C position play the note E with finger three, followed by C with finger one.

Move your hand back into G position and stretch and stretch finger three over your thumb to play the note B directly to the left of C. Now with your hand in G position play the note A with finger two.


Move back into C position for line four. Play the note F twice with finger four, followed by E with finger three, C with finger one, D with finger two, and C again with finger one.

Happy Birthday To You | Practice Video

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